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13 fruit beers to try this summer

As the mercury rises outside, drinkers will likely start seeing fruit-infused beers lining store shelves across the nation. Local craft breweries and nationwide outfits have jumped on fruit beer bandwagon and it means good news for people who like to try something different.

Below are 13 fruit beers that shouldn’t be too hard to find this summer.

Unibroue Éphémére Apple

There are countless hard apple ciders available during summer but for an apple-infused beer, this Canadian brew is arguably the top choice. In 2013, it was crowned the world’s best fruit beer by the World Beer Awards.

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‘Private Jet’ Hannity Complains About Hillary Clinton’s Elitism


Is there anything more hypocritical than Sean Hannity smearing Hillary Clinton as being too elitist – and then accusing her of engaging in class warfare?

Hannity’s attacks on Clinton’s lifestyle just happen to coincide with the Republican plan to turn Hillary into Mitt Romney:

Forget about the Arkansas days, the small-bore scandals, her health care plan and most everything else from the 1990s. A consensus is forming within the Republican Party that the plan of attack against Hillary Clinton should be of a more recent vintage, rooted in her accumulation of wealth and designed to frame her as removed from the concerns of average Americans.

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Bill O’Reilly Uses Dept. Of Defense Course To Lament End Of White, Male Privilege


In his ongoing attempt to claim that America is going down the road to perdition, Bill O'Reilly says a Department of Defense course is a sign of the creeping "secular-progressive" agenda which OMG will end white, male privilege and OMG foster equality!

Last night's "Back of the Book" segment had Bishop Bill reporting that a Department of Defense course teaches that OMG the Bible, the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence "all foster sexism."

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Hannity Panel Blames Spring Break Gang Rape On Jon Stewart


Sean Hannity and his pals not only think he has been vindicated by a spring break gang rape, but Jon Stewart “has blood on his hands” for making fun of Hannity’s salacious spring break coverage in the first place.

To listen to the Hannity panel, you’d think that Stewart had endorsed lawless, licentious behavior and criticized Hannity for not lovin’ it, too.

But that’s not at all what Stewart’s mockery was about. As you can see in the second video below, based on Hannity’s 2014 series on spring break, Stewart’s point was the hypocrisy and sexism. He summed up Hannity’s coverage as “running T and A footage alongside pundits tsking said footage.”

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Fox News And Ann Coulter Want Voter Literacy Tests To Make Voting More Difficult


It’s bad enough that Fox News apparently thinks it’s a neat idea to impose mandatory civics tests before allowing someone to vote but teaming up with serial voter-fraud suspect Ann Coulter for such a proposal is beyond cynical.

As a lower-third banner “just asked,” “Should citizens pass a civics test to vote?” Fox & Friends played a clip from one of Jesse Watters’ unscientific, selectively edited man-on-the-street type interviews “to find out,” host Brian Kilmeade said, how much Americans know about “President Obama’s accomplishments or the Republican presidential  candidates.”

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Stossel Schools ‘Crybaby’ O’Reilly Over ‘War On Christianity’


“Your ‘war on Christianity’ – You’re just a 10-foot-tall crybaby,” John Stossel told Bill O’Reilly last night. “I mean, Christians aren’t being killed.”

“No, not yet,” O’Reilly shot back, suggesting it was just a matter of time.

“Not in America, and they’re not going to be,” Stossel said.

“They’re verbally being killed,” O’Reilly insisted.

“So what?” Stossel responded. “…83% of the country says they are Christians. You are the majority. You’ve won.”

That refreshing exchange occurred on The O’Reilly Factor last night. But O’Reilly was not about to give up what he apparently sees as his noble victimhood.

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